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Teddy Shake™ Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float & Raft

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Whether you're headed to the beach, pool, or lake, this unicorn has been carefully designed to work for every size imaginable. Specifically designed for fans of this mythical and magical creature. This pool float features a white unicorn design, complete with a rainbow colored  mane and tail. 
  • SUPER-SIZED & DELIGHTFULLY COMFORTABLE! – Sizing in at a HUGE 80” your unicorn pool float is custom designed to give you the best floatie experience ever. 
  • SAVE TIME & ENERGY WITH QUICK & EASY BLOW UP! – If you’ve ever wasted time and energy trying to blow up large pool floats , you know how exhausting & frustrating it can be. (Bonus: 2 Heavy Duty handles to help keep you Securely on top!).
  • PLAYFUL DESIGN & EXTREME DURABILITY! – We’ve crafted your inflatable unicorn float with Thick Vinyl so you can say goodbye to leaks and Hello to Fun in the Sun… Pool Toys are always fun, but when that pool float is a Unicorn inflatable’ve reached the next level in Entertainment!

The Teddy Shake™ Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float & Raft Features:

  • Stays Cool During a Hot Summer Day
  • Lightweight
  • Quick inflation
  • Extremely comfortable design